Saturday, January 8, 2011

Check This BLEEP Out.

In case I haven't bragged about my friends before, here it is. My friends are awesome.

Okay so there's more. One of my best friends just launched the first issue of his own digital magazine as a new endeavor for 2011. And it has hit the ground running!

BLEEP Magazine is the magazine about "culture and creative...and the people who make it happen". From fashion to performance, dancing to singing, interior design to art...Editor-In-Chief and creator, Ryan Brinson, will leave no facet of creativity unturned. It's not about fame or opulence. It's about real people being passionate about real creativity. Oh, and I mean, you may know the Interior Design contributor...

Follow the blog, Twitter, Facebook, wherever! Be on top of BLEEP as it will appear every other month for now with more features, more articles, more tips, more people, and more BLEEPin creativity.

Got something interesting to say about something creative you do or think you could contribute in someway? Contact BLEEP at and get in on the next issue!