Saturday, December 25, 2010

My 2010 Design Nerd Highlights.

While the rest of my family passes out into food comas in various locations throughout the house, I seem to be wired with thoughts and excitement. Why though, I'm not sure. Great giving? Great receiving? Great eating? Check. Check. Check. I think it is the excitement of what's to come though. Great things happening? Check.

2011 is fast approaching and with it comes new trends in design, new opportunities in career paths, new places to go and new people to meet (maybe my favorite part). However, as a little gift to the blog world, I thought I would share some of my favorite places I've seen and checked off my list over the past year which excited the design nerd inside of me. Enjoy.

This seemingly abandoned warehouse in the Deep Ellum district of downtown Dallas was painted in vibrant colors and reflected incredible sunlight...except for this one hole we found...and the bird "flying" out of it kinda brought me hope...and warm fuzzies.

Again in Deep Ellum of Dallas...I wished I had painted this myself. Combination of music, color, and art seemed to grab my passions and certainly grabbed my attention.

While at a wedding reception in the small town of Round Rock, I looked up and was enamored by this incredible tin ceiling and beautiful pewter crystal chandeliers all reflecting light about the dance floor.

The Water Gardens of downtown Fort Worth are breathtaking. End of story.

A family trip to Washington DC brought me to the Lincoln Memorial where I was stupefied by this incredible marble ceiling.

Beautiful marketing technique in a boutique in non-other-than Waco, Texas. With a name like Roots and an organic, vintage feel why not use trees to display clothing and other merchandise!

I realize this is a brewery but I had to stop to capture the incredible geometric lines of this massive New Orleans brewery facility.

I was quite the straggler trying to capture all these beautiful entrance ways on the streets of New Orleans. I love this mix of gray iron, clean white wood, and red brick. Mmm.

Looks like not much, eh? Welp. That's a typical kitchen in Las Macias, Nicaragua where I spent 10 days this summer. And I find it inspiring in both material use and functionality efficiency.

Again a site off a main street in Nicaragua, the lines, textures and pure simplicity of life in this picture are quite stunning.

Awesome sports bar decor idea...vintage and new beer cans lining a soffit with uplighting. Nashville, Tennessee.

Once again left behind, while capturing this exterior facade. Combining plaster, leaded glass and sleek black is genius in downtown Nashville.

Design Over Time exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Amazing combination of modern textured and pop art at Pop Burger in New York City.

Vivid Color. Geometric Pattern. Depth and Dimen. Truly Vintage. Truly Beautiful.
Chelsea, New York.

Christmas in New York. That's enough said, right? I had never seen the city at this time of year and a piece of me whimpers every time I see these photos. I fell in love.

This is one of the many wreaths on the exterior of the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Flawless.

Can't wait for what this next year has to show me!

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Spreading the Christmas Joys.

My tree is complete. Has been for quite some time but other things and jobs (yayyy!) have been keeping me from poppin that LID open!

Many trips to Hobby Lobby, many climbs up and down scaffolding and ladders, and many dropped ornament balls later, the whole Christmas project is complete. 2 8foot wreaths, 6 suspended garland swags, 8 foyer garland swags and one giant 18 foot tree. It is finished. And I am one happy girl. Check it out!

My incredible photographer is Christopher Thompson. He's so talented! Check out his website here!

Tips on big Christmas projects like this to come!

[Sketchy Mondays] Trimming the Tree.

I mentioned before that I was challenged to come up with a concept and design for the Christmas decorations on the 2nd floor of the SUB at Baylor (Student Union Building). Welp. That kept Christmas on the mind when it came to sketching.

The tree topper was what really stumped me. How do you put the top, the finishing touch, the "piece de resistance" on an 18 foot monstrosity that all of the campus as well as their families, friends, and local Wacoans will come to judge? How do you go about that? I had to reinvent the materials I had already introduced throughout the tree in a new and finial sort of way....and that all started...with a sketch.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Be There.

My day was just made.

I have been talking about auditioning for and dying to be on HGTV's Design Star since season 1. Yes. The beginning. Then I was a high school student. I had no idea that that dream would stick with me. And ya know what? It has.

Now? I'm a college graduate with an Interior Design degree and a passion for anything when I was informed of the open casting call for season 6 in just 2 weeks, I may have teared up...okay yes. Wet eyes.

December 5th, Dallas, Texas. I will be there. No expectations...Just myself. My personality. My passion. and My hope. I will be there.

If you know anyone interested, please check out the Season 6 Casting Site!

Monday, November 1, 2010

It's Happening.

OOOF! Can that last blog post date be right? Yikes!
I'm not sure where the time went but I have been gallivanting around Texas like a vagabond and take full blame for such abandonment of theLID. Well Neglectful Nancy is back. And things are HAPPENING!

Remember when I quoted George and he told me to make my own circumstances? Right. Well things have been falling into place!

My most recent project which has kept me busy from bloggin is being a freelance designer for Baylor University! Yes. My very own alma-mater is creating opportunity after opportunity for me!
I am designing and installing the Christmas decor in the Student Union building for the annual event Christmas on 5th Street! From a 14 foot Christmas tree to large scale garland swags to 8 foot wreaths, I'd say this project is anything but small. We're talkin, this is the tree myself, and many other Baylor Bears and Waco families, take an annual picture with. Oh okay. No pressure.
Am I complaining? Not one bit. I feel so blessed to have these people in my life who trust me and put their faith in my creativity and design talents.

After meetings and emails and detail breakdowns, I was able to present my concept for the decor. It needed to be classy and traditional, yet modern and appealing to all audiences. The overall concept I developed is called "Burberry Christmas Chic".
A modern mix of metallics, both bronzes and pewters, offset a warm and vintage feeling evoked from the classic Burberry pattern. I'm in love with this idea and could not wait to get shopping!

Dallas Market Center was the first place we thought of for me to go get inspired and find the most interesting ornaments and dressings for my pieces. Yet, when I stumbled upon some amazing finds at a less extravagant spot, I had hit the jackpot.

Garden Ridge my friends. Garden Ridge is my pot of gold.
Huge selections of decorations easily employed in commercial situations and bargain prices. What more could you want?! From berry sprays of every color to massive pine cones and big ole Christmas balls, I was in heaven and managed to fill...err...a few carts...
I managed to fill the rest of my car with goods from none other than my second home, Hobby Lobby -more affectionately known as the HobLob. Prices were great and unique finds in great color palettes allowed me to quickly fill in the gaps to fulfill my concept! What an exhausting day of shopping!The remainder of the decor came from great bulk sites such as Merchant Stock and Bronner's Christmas Wonderland. Both had perfect selections of unshatterable ornaments and large scale filling items! Perfect for my large scale commercial project. Check em out if you've got big projects!

Check back soon for the installation, happening in a couple weeks!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

[Sketchy Mondays] Charming Built-Ins.

On a Tuesday. I know. I've gotten really wrapped up in my freelance backdrop work and lost track of the days for a minute there! But here it is!

I sketched these built-in bookshelves a while back when Emily Henderson's new show, Secrets from a Stylist, aired. (For my reactions to her pilot episode, read this)

The 1930's home was all around eclectic in architecture and sprinkled with little bits of charm here and there; but, I fell in love with this built-in wall.

Being built floor-to-ceiling, it emphasizes the vaulted ceiling lines and makes for a large statement wall. Enveloped in the middle is a picture window surrounded by glass block, creating the perfect reading or chatting nook.

Emily was smart and gave the homeowner the option to make it blend in as a more simple, functional, architectural piece or to make it stand out as an artistic flair to the room.

How do you achieve these completely different aesthetics? So simple. PAINT! Paint is the cheapest way to make the biggest difference. Simply by painting the back wall of these shelves, leaving the shelves themselves white, she was able to achieve several different effects from one large piece. Love that charm.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Carry On Wednesday. Carry On.

Seems like Wednesdays are shaping up to be the day for "Words of Wisdom". Coincidence? I don't think so. It's Wednesday. The middle of the week. You feel like you've come so far only to look forward and see that you're only half way through the week. You choose glass half full or glass half empty but really what a let down Wednesday can be. What a let down.

So no. I don't think its a mistake that I seem to feel the need to post encouraging quotes or wise words on Wednesdays...
This week?This iconic phrase made an obvious comeback this past year across design and merchandise everywhere. Whatever your situation, the simplicity and straight forwardness of this British mantra from WWII can encourage anyone to stop. and breathe.From mugs and totebags to wall decals and apparel, you can find this on pretty much anything your heart desires, especially at the official site: . Companies are even making rugs. Maybe too far? Eh. Some may need that constant reminder.

Maybe its overused but I can't help but smile when I see it. But like I said, glass half-full or glass half-empty. It's your call. Don't worry. There seem to be plenty of options if you're needing an opposite approach. Because let's be real. We all have our days when we just need to say:

And if that doesn't suit your fancy, check out these printable spoof calenders, offering monthly sass for both men and women stemming from the original phrase. And we know. I love sass.

Monday, October 11, 2010

[Sketchy Mondays] Lighting Up History.

While San Antonio is obviously no design capital of the world, let alone Texas, it is currently home to me...and apparently home to some fun antique shops as well.

My good friend, Lyndi Paige, and I hit up a little street full of antique shops...some with awesome finds...some with...well, crap. But we had a great time and I definitely found some inspiring pieces...

The thing that captured me the most was the array of vintage lighting fixtures. I tried to do them some justice here but there is just no way to capture their details and beautiful historical characteristics. From an amber glass ball pendant to those rockin 60's gooseneck lamps to simple, white, globe drop pendants, history was alive in these fixtures.

And I am definitely a supporter of that lighting of the past making a way into the future. It may be a side affect from my severe obsession with the style and design of the 60's, but I think every space could use a little retrospection!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh George.

Sometimes we all just need a little encouragement. This quote appeared to me in the midst of one of those times and tonight I wanted to pass it along.

While I have been struggling with not finding my exact place in the field of design, I have been given a passion, a drive and the optimism to find my own way and my own circumstances. George reminds me that I can do that. We can all do whatever we desire to if we have a little faith in God's purpose and in our own abilities and if we get out there and do it. Thanks George.

Monday, October 4, 2010

[Sketchy Mondays] Vanities on Parade.

First peek into my Sketchbook Diaries project is here. Updates are going to come every Monday and then will be posted on the Sketchbook Diaries page all together!

September marks an exciting time in San Antonio for home-builders, and really in most big cities! Custom home builders, designers, various product representatives and the latest and greatest of everything come together for the Annual Parade of Homes!

Among many other trends and extravagant features, the powder baths REALLY seemed to stand out. The vanities were being designed at whole new levels with interesting features from wall mounted faucets to the ever popular vessel sinks to counters suspended by cables.

What really caught my eye was the use of mirrors! Why do we need to look at ourselves in a simple piece of reflective glass? Why not jazz it up? We innovate with every other functional and non-functional piece in the standard bathroom, so why leave the mirror on the curb? From stacking interesting beveled mirrors to employing more decorative picture frame mirrors to mosaic tile inlays.

I'm now positive the reflection you see is clearly reflective of how posh your mirror is. So step it up so you can look good people. Cause these Parade of Homes homeowners gonna be lookin good, ok?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Sip of Inspiration.

That was fast! My sketchbook has already arrived from the Art House Co-op's "The Sketchbook Project". I'm so pumped, and a little bit nervous, to get started! So much potential in this tiny package!

The theme I chose is a little odd and somewhat emo but it was the one that sparked the most creativity and excitement for me...

"Coffee and Cigarettes"

It makes me think of eclectic places and people. Musicians. Artists. Veterans. Coffee shops. Bars. Old Pubs. Hippies. Rockers. Granolas. Stress. Sleep deprivation. Cities. Good Music...oh and Mad Men. I could go on. However, being obsessed with people, and especially the people in my life, I would love some input for this project!

I've decided it would be really so great if I could get people to email me pictures for me to sketch into my book. That way it is filled with places and things that inspire me as well as places and things that inspire the people around me. Maybe it's your favorite coffee shop. Maybe it's your favorite tavern or pub. Maybe its your favorite street corner to step out on and take a breather or your very own veranda. Or even your favorite seat at Starbucks or Common Grounds.

Wherever or whatever it is. Snap a picture, phone or camera. Email it to And thanks, in advance, for the inspiration.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Stylist Diagnostic: The Newest Design Star.

Being a Design Star fan...and, obviously, a hopeful-to-be-contestant, I have closely followed Emily Henderson, winner of season 5. While I was underwhelmed by the overall talent for most of the season (usually thinking "umm I could do way better than that"), I actually think the final 3 really proved themselves by those last few challenges, and I have no problem jumping on the Emily as the winner train. She's quirky, dry witted, and good at what she does. This is me. Jumping on board.

So watching the sneak premiere of her new show, Secrets From A Stylist, I actually went in questioning her hosting abilities. Welp. Turns out. She's kinda a natural. She was witty, quirky, like-ably awkward and left this very critical eye stylistically satisfied.The breaking down of styles was quite genius and her clever names for these genres such as "FDR Chic" and "British Invasion Mod" really sets her apart from a slew of other TV designing/decorating/styling persona. Instead of fluffing her way through terms that mean nothing or overly used terms like feel or atmosphere, Emily made her own styles out of a real-life client's tastes and desires. What a feat. Her combination of vintage and modern really educates everyone, from professionals to amateurs, on the value of things, both old and new.

From sporting the fake glasses during the "Style Diagnostic" to arranging her "Mood Board" in a quaint outdoor setting, I think it's safe to say Emily Henderson has captured some hearts....and, from the looks of it, quite the she has been signed for 26 episodes! Get. It. Girl.

And lets face it, who wasn't OBSESSED with her use of those vintage goose neck lamps.
Hi. I'll take 2.

For more Emily Henderson tips and quirkiness, follow her blog here!

photos from

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On Tour.

While catching up on some of my own favorite design blogs, I stumbled across a link on Design*Sponge that made me gasp. Out loud.

What. I'm obsessed with this. The tag is "It's like a concert tour but with sketchbooks...and I am a sucker for a good concert...oh wait...AND for a sketchbook. Feeling validated after starting my own "Sketchbook Diaries" project, I looked into and it is an incredible idea. Quite frankly I'm jealous that I didn't come up with it myself...but I digress...

You order the sketchbook from them...I've actually used these before so I can vouch for the quality of paper...because let's face it, it's all about the paper with these things people. Yes. I have the OCD. I own it. You should too. Good paper is good paper...oh right...the have until January to fill your book however you want to, with an underlying theme you choose online and then all the sketchbooks from across the nation go on tour! They get displayed in various libraries and galleries and end the tour in The Brooklyn Art Library, where they get barcoded and are open to the public for viewing and you can track it like a library book! How invigorating!

Call me a sucker, but I think I'm in. Care to join?


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Welp. This morning, I went downtown to the Bexar County Clerk's Office and registered my "assumed name business" with the county. The LID: Lisa Interior Designs is officially least in Bexar county...for the next 10 years. Having someone hand you a document like that is quite a rush and set my day on a full speed ahead kind of path.

As I have come to realize that God has a different plan than my stubborn, determined self had set out on, I have learned to say "oh well" and wait in great expectation for HIS edition of my life. And ya know what? It's so much more exciting, and suspenseful and rewarding this way. While I wait for Him to show me how exactly I get to employ my passion for design in the career world, I will employ it here, with this blog.

Joyfully sharing my opinions, ideas and love for design through thoughts and experiences, I can't wait to see where this passion takes me.

Uncontainable Passion for Uncontainable Design: the LID