Monday, October 4, 2010

[Sketchy Mondays] Vanities on Parade.

First peek into my Sketchbook Diaries project is here. Updates are going to come every Monday and then will be posted on the Sketchbook Diaries page all together!

September marks an exciting time in San Antonio for home-builders, and really in most big cities! Custom home builders, designers, various product representatives and the latest and greatest of everything come together for the Annual Parade of Homes!

Among many other trends and extravagant features, the powder baths REALLY seemed to stand out. The vanities were being designed at whole new levels with interesting features from wall mounted faucets to the ever popular vessel sinks to counters suspended by cables.

What really caught my eye was the use of mirrors! Why do we need to look at ourselves in a simple piece of reflective glass? Why not jazz it up? We innovate with every other functional and non-functional piece in the standard bathroom, so why leave the mirror on the curb? From stacking interesting beveled mirrors to employing more decorative picture frame mirrors to mosaic tile inlays.

I'm now positive the reflection you see is clearly reflective of how posh your mirror is. So step it up so you can look good people. Cause these Parade of Homes homeowners gonna be lookin good, ok?

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