Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Sip of Inspiration.

That was fast! My sketchbook has already arrived from the Art House Co-op's "The Sketchbook Project". I'm so pumped, and a little bit nervous, to get started! So much potential in this tiny package!

The theme I chose is a little odd and somewhat emo but it was the one that sparked the most creativity and excitement for me...

"Coffee and Cigarettes"

It makes me think of eclectic places and people. Musicians. Artists. Veterans. Coffee shops. Bars. Old Pubs. Hippies. Rockers. Granolas. Stress. Sleep deprivation. Cities. Good Music...oh and Mad Men. I could go on. However, being obsessed with people, and especially the people in my life, I would love some input for this project!

I've decided it would be really so great if I could get people to email me pictures for me to sketch into my book. That way it is filled with places and things that inspire me as well as places and things that inspire the people around me. Maybe it's your favorite coffee shop. Maybe it's your favorite tavern or pub. Maybe its your favorite street corner to step out on and take a breather or your very own veranda. Or even your favorite seat at Starbucks or Common Grounds.

Wherever or whatever it is. Snap a picture, phone or camera. Email it to And thanks, in advance, for the inspiration.

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  1. oh my goodness!! aaron is doing this project too!! and chose coffee and cigarettes! ahhhh! so excited to see your sketchbook and OMG loveee the sketchy monday drawings above!!