Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Carry On Wednesday. Carry On.

Seems like Wednesdays are shaping up to be the day for "Words of Wisdom". Coincidence? I don't think so. It's Wednesday. The middle of the week. You feel like you've come so far only to look forward and see that you're only half way through the week. You choose glass half full or glass half empty but really what a let down Wednesday can be. What a let down.

So no. I don't think its a mistake that I seem to feel the need to post encouraging quotes or wise words on Wednesdays...
This week?This iconic phrase made an obvious comeback this past year across design and merchandise everywhere. Whatever your situation, the simplicity and straight forwardness of this British mantra from WWII can encourage anyone to stop. and breathe.From mugs and totebags to wall decals and apparel, you can find this on pretty much anything your heart desires, especially at the official site: . Companies are even making rugs. Maybe too far? Eh. Some may need that constant reminder.

Maybe its overused but I can't help but smile when I see it. But like I said, glass half-full or glass half-empty. It's your call. Don't worry. There seem to be plenty of options if you're needing an opposite approach. Because let's be real. We all have our days when we just need to say:

And if that doesn't suit your fancy, check out these printable spoof calenders, offering monthly sass for both men and women stemming from the original phrase. And we know. I love sass.


  1. This post makes me super happy :) Sister and I made an embellished and appliqued wall hanging of the original phrase for my mom!

  2. Umm... I think I NEED this phrase everywhere in my life and I reeeeeally need that calendar too. I'm pretty sure I was laughing (a little too much).