Tuesday, October 19, 2010

[Sketchy Mondays] Charming Built-Ins.

On a Tuesday. I know. I've gotten really wrapped up in my freelance backdrop work and lost track of the days for a minute there! But here it is!

I sketched these built-in bookshelves a while back when Emily Henderson's new show, Secrets from a Stylist, aired. (For my reactions to her pilot episode, read this)

The 1930's home was all around eclectic in architecture and sprinkled with little bits of charm here and there; but, I fell in love with this built-in wall.

Being built floor-to-ceiling, it emphasizes the vaulted ceiling lines and makes for a large statement wall. Enveloped in the middle is a picture window surrounded by glass block, creating the perfect reading or chatting nook.

Emily was smart and gave the homeowner the option to make it blend in as a more simple, functional, architectural piece or to make it stand out as an artistic flair to the room.

How do you achieve these completely different aesthetics? So simple. PAINT! Paint is the cheapest way to make the biggest difference. Simply by painting the back wall of these shelves, leaving the shelves themselves white, she was able to achieve several different effects from one large piece. Love that charm.

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