Monday, November 1, 2010

It's Happening.

OOOF! Can that last blog post date be right? Yikes!
I'm not sure where the time went but I have been gallivanting around Texas like a vagabond and take full blame for such abandonment of theLID. Well Neglectful Nancy is back. And things are HAPPENING!

Remember when I quoted George and he told me to make my own circumstances? Right. Well things have been falling into place!

My most recent project which has kept me busy from bloggin is being a freelance designer for Baylor University! Yes. My very own alma-mater is creating opportunity after opportunity for me!
I am designing and installing the Christmas decor in the Student Union building for the annual event Christmas on 5th Street! From a 14 foot Christmas tree to large scale garland swags to 8 foot wreaths, I'd say this project is anything but small. We're talkin, this is the tree myself, and many other Baylor Bears and Waco families, take an annual picture with. Oh okay. No pressure.
Am I complaining? Not one bit. I feel so blessed to have these people in my life who trust me and put their faith in my creativity and design talents.

After meetings and emails and detail breakdowns, I was able to present my concept for the decor. It needed to be classy and traditional, yet modern and appealing to all audiences. The overall concept I developed is called "Burberry Christmas Chic".
A modern mix of metallics, both bronzes and pewters, offset a warm and vintage feeling evoked from the classic Burberry pattern. I'm in love with this idea and could not wait to get shopping!

Dallas Market Center was the first place we thought of for me to go get inspired and find the most interesting ornaments and dressings for my pieces. Yet, when I stumbled upon some amazing finds at a less extravagant spot, I had hit the jackpot.

Garden Ridge my friends. Garden Ridge is my pot of gold.
Huge selections of decorations easily employed in commercial situations and bargain prices. What more could you want?! From berry sprays of every color to massive pine cones and big ole Christmas balls, I was in heaven and managed to fill...err...a few carts...
I managed to fill the rest of my car with goods from none other than my second home, Hobby Lobby -more affectionately known as the HobLob. Prices were great and unique finds in great color palettes allowed me to quickly fill in the gaps to fulfill my concept! What an exhausting day of shopping!The remainder of the decor came from great bulk sites such as Merchant Stock and Bronner's Christmas Wonderland. Both had perfect selections of unshatterable ornaments and large scale filling items! Perfect for my large scale commercial project. Check em out if you've got big projects!

Check back soon for the installation, happening in a couple weeks!

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