[the sketchbook diaries]

I have a lil project goin. Sketching has always been one of my favorite activities; and, with my professors drilling it into all of us, it quickly became one of my best assets. I tend to go through my day thinking of a bazillion things at once and most of them revolve around how my right side of the brain sees the world...and ya know what? I see it in sketches. In doodles. In renderings.
So in order to maintain this talent of sketching, I decided to start this project, deemed: The Sketchbook Diaries. Challenging myself to do a couple sketches a week with a 10 minute time limit and journal a bit about each one, I am keeping in touch with that right side of the brain and maintaining this talent I am so passionate about. 
Updates to be posted at the beginning of the week on Sketchy Mondays!

Vanities on Parade.
Vanities on Parade
September marks an exciting time in San Antonio for home-builders, and really in most big cities! Custom home builders, designers, various product representatives and the latest and greatest of everything come together for the Annual Parade of Homes! 
Among many other trends and extravagant features, the powderbaths REALLY seemed to stand out. The vanities were being designed at whole new level with interesting features from wall mounted faucets to the ever popular vessel sinks to counters suspended by cables. 
What really caught my eye was the use of mirrors! Why do we need to look at ourselves in a simple piece of reflective glass? Why not jazz it up? We innovate with every other functional and non-functional piece in the standard bathroom, so why leave the mirror on the curb? From stacking interesting beveled mirrors to employing more decorative picture frame mirrors to mosaic tile inlays. 
I'm now positive the reflection you see is clearly reflective of how posh your mirror is. So step it up so you can look good people.

Lighting Up History
Lighting Up History.
While San Antonio is obviously no design capital of the world, let alone Texas, it is currently home to me...and apparently home to some fun antique shops as well.
My good friend, Lyndi Paige, and I hit up a little street full of antique shops...some with awesome finds...some with...well, crap. But we had a great time and I definitely found some inspiring pieces...
The thing that captured me the most was the array of vintage lighting fixtures. I tried to do them some justice here but there is just no way to capture their details and beautiful historical characteristics. From an amber glass ball pendant to those rockin 60's gooseneck lamps to simple, white, globe drop pendants, history was alive in these fixtures.

And I am definitely a supporter of that lighting of the past making a way into the future. It may be a side affect from my severe obsession with the style and design of the 60's, but I think every space could use a little retrospection!

Charming Built-Ins.
Charming Built-Ins
I sketched these built-in bookshelves a while back when Emily Henderson's new show, Secrets from a Stylist, aired. (For my reactions to her pilot episode, read this)
The 1930's home was all around eclectic in architecture and sprinkled with little bits of charm here and there; but, I fell in love with this built-in wall.
Being built floor-to-ceiling, it emphasizes the vaulted ceiling lines and makes for a large statement wall. Enveloped in the middle is a picture window surrounded by glass block, creating the perfect reading or chatting nook.
Emily was smart and gave the homeowner the option to make it blend in as a more simple, functional, architectural piece or to make it stand out as an artistic flair to the room.
How do you achieve these completely different aesthetics? So simple. PAINT! Paint is the cheapest way to make the biggest difference. Simply by painting the back wall of these shelves, leaving the shelves themselves white, she was able to achieve several different effects from one large piece. Love that charm.

Trimming the Tree.
Trimming the Tree
I mentioned before that I was challenged to come up with a concept and design for the Christmas decorations on the 2nd floor of the SUB at Baylor (Student Union Building). Welp. That kept Christmas on the mind when it came to sketching.

The tree topper was what really stumped me. How do you put the top, the finishing touch, the "piece de resistance" on an 18 foot monstrosity that all of the campus as well as their families, friends, and local Wacoans will come to judge? How do you go about that? I had to reinvent the materials I had already introduced throughout the tree in a new and finial sort of way....and that all started...with a sketch.