Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Welp. This morning, I went downtown to the Bexar County Clerk's Office and registered my "assumed name business" with the county. The LID: Lisa Interior Designs is officially least in Bexar county...for the next 10 years. Having someone hand you a document like that is quite a rush and set my day on a full speed ahead kind of path.

As I have come to realize that God has a different plan than my stubborn, determined self had set out on, I have learned to say "oh well" and wait in great expectation for HIS edition of my life. And ya know what? It's so much more exciting, and suspenseful and rewarding this way. While I wait for Him to show me how exactly I get to employ my passion for design in the career world, I will employ it here, with this blog.

Joyfully sharing my opinions, ideas and love for design through thoughts and experiences, I can't wait to see where this passion takes me.

Uncontainable Passion for Uncontainable Design: the LID

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  1. sew exciting!

    parking: $4
    notary: $5
    filing a DBA: $11
    having an awesome business name (for the next 10 years): priceless