Monday, October 11, 2010

[Sketchy Mondays] Lighting Up History.

While San Antonio is obviously no design capital of the world, let alone Texas, it is currently home to me...and apparently home to some fun antique shops as well.

My good friend, Lyndi Paige, and I hit up a little street full of antique shops...some with awesome finds...some with...well, crap. But we had a great time and I definitely found some inspiring pieces...

The thing that captured me the most was the array of vintage lighting fixtures. I tried to do them some justice here but there is just no way to capture their details and beautiful historical characteristics. From an amber glass ball pendant to those rockin 60's gooseneck lamps to simple, white, globe drop pendants, history was alive in these fixtures.

And I am definitely a supporter of that lighting of the past making a way into the future. It may be a side affect from my severe obsession with the style and design of the 60's, but I think every space could use a little retrospection!

1 comment:

  1. I still regret not buying that couch. Oh dear, sweet, couch. Quick! Try and sketch it! lol

    p.s. your sketches are wonderful! (i'll need you and laura soon to string me some buttons)