Monday, February 28, 2011

Calling All Textile Enthusiasts.

Ever been searching and searching for the perfect fabric and then come to the conclusion that it just doesn't exist? How many times have you had the best idea in your head and just wished a designer was producing it in their latest line? Welp. Now YOU can be the fabric designer and have that idea come to fruition.

A friend of mine, and avid seamstress, brought this great site to my attention! Spoonflower is a "community for people who are passionate about fabric, design and making things". Through digital textile printing, the company is able to produce your custom designed fabric in a variety of textiles. Spoonflower prints with eco-friendly, water based pigment inks on natural fiber textiles. Inkjet printers allow for infinite use of color and more finite details in the designs so you get exactly what you want!

You can upload, order and share your designs all in one place. You can even earn some money if your design happens to be what someone else is looking for and they order it. Weekly design competitions will test your ability to creative problem solve genres like 'leprechauns' or 'pointillism' and give you a chance to get your ideas out there in a new and fun way and maybe even become the fabric of the week!

Create your custom fabrics and see what other people are creating across the world. And while the name seems to leave something to the imagination, you can set that very imagination free with endless fabric possibilities at Spoonflower.


  1. Whaaaaaaaat? How have I never heard of this!?!?!?! SO COOL!!!

  2. also... at you can make patterns that can then be sent to spoonflower. nice little collaboration there