Monday, May 23, 2011

A Home Run Room.

A bit over a month ago, I started working with a new client! For a girl startin off her freelance design career, this was and IS a huge deal and great joy for me! Little Aiden just turned 3 and is transitioning from baby to toddler to his little boy years so his room was ready for a complete revamp! After expressing her wants for a chalkboard wall, some lockers and a sports theme, I presented some concept ideas to Natalie (Mom) for a playful vintage sports inspired room!

After hours of work and DIY and internet research and bargain hunting and contractor's quotes and feeding of my new found Etsy addiction, I have completed Aiden's room! My first full room project for a referred client, I am overjoyed to see that the process they taught us all about in school....WORKS!

Concept to completion and this space is for sure a room for champs!

Here's a peak into some of the little moments created throughout this little guys room...

Storage is a challenge for all parents. I turned this once vertical shelving unit horizontally to create a organized storage system with an upholstered top for seating and chalkboard fronts for personalized organizing!

This business is all about networking, and luckily my network of friends works in my favor! One of my best friends, Lyndi (creator of Sew Bee It from an earlier post) created this perfect pennant valance for the small window.

Can't find what you want? Create it yourself. I painted this baseball clock in an effort to get just what I wanted with a wooden plate and a clock kit. Easy. Shout out to my grandpa who makes these awesome wooden names and happened to have an "Aiden".

Natalie first fell for this Pottery Barn bedding in the catalog and there really just wasn't any beating it. It's fun, energetic, a lil vintage and has a ton of great texture.

Some refinished lockers hijacked from an old high school locker room make for great storage and fun decor. Obviously.

The green wall color (Melange Green from Sherwin Williams) was pulled from the PB quilt and the chalkboard paint is "So Stone" from Hudson Paints where you can find any color chalkboard paint you could ever want!

A hand-painted mural by yours truly completes and compliments the little guys fun and energetic new sporty space. What a fun project this has been.

Details on some "How-To" elements coming soon!

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