Thursday, March 24, 2011

All the Buzz.

If you look at my very first blog post you will see that I went downtown to get my DBA (Doing Business As) at the courthouse. That day, I went to get the rights in Bexar County to The LID while my friend, Lyndi, got her DBA, Sew Bee It! Lyndi sews aprons of all kinds and they are flawless, fun, and each unique! Yea okay, so today is a plug for my friend but this girl is amazing and has incredible sewing talents!

Last week, I got to help Lyndi set up her brand new booth in a San Antonio local handcraft mart, Homestead Handcraft. Looking around at the hodgepodge of various booths, each individually owned, each selling their own goods...some good goods...some not so good goods, I wondered how she intended to transform this 2 foot by 4 foot space to get her aprons sold! But she brought the goods and we got it together!

Here's what the booth looked like before with the previous tenant...not so cute...
It was tough work to get striated fabric to lay straight and attach to peg board!...
Good thing Lyndi is tall and not afraid of heights! This took some strategy...The beautiful handpainted window sign and all the fabric finally up. We used an ice pic to place and punch through the clothing hanger bars...
The finished space! Aprons aprons everywhere! And no two alike! And dont forget, the mannequin, Kate...she's fancy.All her aprons are reversible, hand sewn and come in a wide range of colors. Being a perfectionist like me, I know her work is GREAT! So stop by her booth at Homestead Handcrafts or send Lyndi an email with your inquiries at
And like Sew Bee It on Facebook here!

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