Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Painting My Life Away...the Recap.

Finally, the pictures have been sifted through and edited and I am ready to share with you my art work from SING 2011! To learn more about this check out my post, Whoda Thunk, where I talked about getting this awesome opportunity to work with so many people and groups at my own home, Baylor University!

From sketches to CAD (computer aided drafting) work to renderings to painting these monstrosities, it is quite the experience and is all worth it when you finally see the group perform. From costumes to choreography to singing to props, my backdrops were just one supporting actor in the grand scheme but it still feels great to continue to be a part of it!

Here's some recap!Starting with some rough sketches, the group tells me what they like and I take it to AutoCAD to ensure accuracy in perspective and proportion...
Next is the full color rendered drawing. This is done on an 11x17" bristol and drawn to a scale of 1/2"=2 feet on the actual backdrop! Crazy!
This particular one ended up with some seriously longgg days (most of them did but this one had a couple exceptionally long and in closed quarters with high chemical concentrated paint...) These finished backdrops are about 26 feet tall and 56 feet long! Whew.

This group had some troubles too when the warehouse we were using was attacked by a monsoon! What a mess when half of a nearly finished backdrop gets watching paint dry...oh wait...__________________

As the last group I worked with, I faced the least difficulty with this one! Simple, bright, and fun, I was able to finish in a shorter period than with any other!___________________

I set myself up for stress with this design...lines lines LINES everywhere. By the end, the boys were even saying "Ohp. Lisa's got her ruler out"...but I conquered. I did.__________________

This was the first backdrop I completed early on in the process and I actually painted this one in a BACKYARD! Have to admit I missed the grass when it came to my poor knees on unending concrete...but I did not miss the freezing cold and the outdoor weather uncertainty! Survived!___________________

I began work with this group late in the overall SING process so they had already done a design of sorts. I ended up redrawing it to my preferred scale before painting but haven't gone back to render it yet. These guys REALLY challenged me with wanting the stands to be filled with audience members and when I proposed black and white to add to the 1920's nitty gritt of their act, they said "we trust you"! Scary words! the end I did it and was very pleased with the results on both the frontdrop and the backdrop!

Hopefully this fun adventure will add some interest to my portfolio and it has already opened up doors in the painting world as I just completed some commissioned art work for a nursery!
Doors keep a openin and I'll keep a creatin!


  1. Holy Moly Lisa!! That looks incredible...i mean...i definitely did not go to all those awesome steps when I made my one measly backdrop!! I am SO impressed!! You inspire me! I can't wait to see the little boy's painted room!!!